The Midnight Hour: A Jungian Perspective on America's Current Pivotal Moment

A Jungian Perspective on America’s Current Pivotal Moment

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The morning sun is borne in the shadow of midnight.

This is the third edition in which author Bud Harris discusses our country’s current political situation from a Jungian perspective. In this volume he examines the chaotic political period we are experiencing as a nation and how to understand it, the effect our political choices today will have on our future, and how personal and political ideals are tightly bound in American society.   

Above all, this book is meant to help you clarify your own position, both within and to the chaotic times surrounding us … helping you create a new vision of the future and a new hope that draws you to commit to it.

Table of Contents

Author’s Note
Introduction: Welcome to the Challenges of Change

Part I. The Challenge of Turning Change into Opportunity
1. The Rebirth of Hope
2. Awakening At Midnight
3. The Challenge to Change Destruction and ReCreation

Part II. Understanding and Healing Divisions
4. The Creative Power in Facing Ourselves
5. Daring to Become Vulnerable, Aware, and

Part III. Confronting Our Pain and Growing Beyond It
6. Isn’t It Time to Face the Heart of Darkness Beneath Our Façade of Affluence?
7. Poor and Hopeless in the Land of Plenty
8. Daring to Wake Up: Purpose-Driven Help Where It Is Needed
9. Isn’t It Time to Stop Treating Each Other As If We Are Enemies?
10. Health Care: Isn’t It Time to Quit Being The Cruelest Developed Nation?
11. 2008: Betrayal as Another Wake-Up Call

Part IV. Reclaiming Our Founding Dream
12. Power-Up: Reclaiming the Heart of Our Democracy
13. The Roots of America’s Greatness

Afterword: Light is Always Born Out of Night