The Extraordinary Gift of a Longer Life

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We are living up to thirty years longer than people a few generations ago did. In Aging Strong Dr. Harris shows that this “extraordinary gift of a longer life” is the opportunity to go deep inside ourselves and meet the spiritual challenge to develop a new story and purpose for ourselves during the fourth quarter of life. It is the opportunity to explore our creativity, discover new vocations and callings, learn to thrive, hold a sense of wonder, and establish a new sense of security in life. It is the gift of deeper emotional connections, wisdom, and newfound joy in living.

This book is written for you…

  • If you want to thrive and find spiritual strength, wellbeing, wisdom, and wonder as you grow older.
  • If you are willing to recognize that we live in a new period of history where we can live longer and with more vitality than people ever have.
  • If you are ready to embrace this new reality and live the fourth quarter of your life creatively, lovingly, and joyfully.

The most exciting part of this gift is that the more we pursue a larger life by deepening and transforming ourselves as we grow older, the bigger our gift to our families, friends, community, and culture becomes. Let us recognize this challenge as one of the greatest opportunities in human history. Let us shape our lives from the inside out and be fully alive with grace and passion so that we may give this gift to our communities and to our world.

“In this new book, Dr. Harris offers a very readable, self-transformation guide for viewing the fourth quarter of our lives in a whole new way. He provides an excellent, practical roadmap for exploring the inherent possibilities of how we can engage fully in life during this fourth quarter period. The book is actually for everyone in our culture who wants to regard the growing and aging process as a dynamic, enriching experience and as a way of engaging more fully in life. The book also provides the opportunity to get beyond the deep personal and cultural fears that we associate with aging. I am excited to have Aging Strong: Living it Forward and Giving it Back Aging Strong as a key reference for my practice as well as a dynamic, practical guide to recommend to my patients, clients and others.”
Melinda Q. Toney, M.D., Integrative family physician based in Asheville, NC. at Family to Family Medicine. She has widely studied a range of healing modalities and bridges many traditions and holistic approaches for honoring the whole person in the transformation process.