Becoming Whole: A Jungian Guide to IndividuationA Jungian Guide to Individuation

Two Jungian Lectures and Seminars

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Psychologist and Jungian analyst Bud Harris, PhD, shares the best of his popular lectures and seminars in a concise guide that will lead you toward an authentic, satisfying life.

Harris demystifies Carl Jung’s classic principles regarding individuation, complexes, psychic structures, and consciousness, giving you the keys to self-knowledge and fulfillment.

With thought-provoking questions and engaging exercises from his lectures and seminars, Harris helps you to clarify your understanding of your greater Self and what you seek. Drawing on examples from his own life, he explains Jungian concepts and demonstrates how you can use your own struggles to heal your soul, develop a greater sense of satisfaction, and transform your life.

As Harris walks you through the process of becoming whole, he gives you the tools you need to awaken to your own potential, strengthen your personality, and become fully engaged and consciously alive. The ultimate goal is a creative transformation that energizes and empowers your life.

Table of Contents


PART ONE – Individuation: The Promise in Jung’s Legacy and Why Our Culture Has Trouble Accepting It

Chapter 1 : Lecture

Chapter 2 : Seminar

PART TWO – A Lifetime of Promise: A Jungian Guide to Discovering the Transformative Power in Complexes

Chapter 3 : Lecture

Chapter 4 : Seminar