Awakening at Midnight

I hated thinking about writing this book as much as I hated thinking about the election that made it necessary. And as much as I hated enduring the emotions I felt while writing it, Melusina, that flaming bitch of a muse that lives in some dark interior cavern of my soul, wouldn’t let me rest. Although I resisted, she wouldn’t let me alone. When I least expected it, she would lash me with ideas, rage, and despair at the shame of my own prior blindness. So, I finally surrendered, bit the bullet, began listening to her in earnest, and began writing, began speaking the truth to myself that I have resisted for so long.

The Rebirth of Hope

Too many people would love for us to lose heart and believe these times are hopeless, that we have no power and therefore little reason to act. Do you remember that our nation began in a time when there was a crisis of faith, despair, and conflict? Our own history teaches us not to throw hope away because it is meant to be reborn during our darkest hours. Our challenge as Americans is to face ourselves and reclaim the heart of our republic. Our challenge is to bring forth a new day, a total change in our perspective and in the reality of how we are living as citizens.

Hope In The Dark

We must courageously look in the mirror, examine our own shadows, and begin living more vigilantly and realistically. A realistic outlook will remind us that there never is a permanent happy ending to life’s stories, and there never was a so-called golden age of greatness and smooth sailing in our past. It is far better for us to remember that it is our courage, our awareness, and the living and evolving manner in which we face our challenges that are more important than dreaming of wishful happy endings and positive outcomes.

Midnight in America

  Dr. Bud Harris is one of the most prolific Jungian authors for our time. He has authored and co-authored 16 books, and has been in the field of Jungian psychology for more than 40 years. At 82 years old, …
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