America Now: Facing Fear and Division to Reclaim the Heart of Our DemocracyFacing Fear and Division to Reclaim the Heart of Our Democracy

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How many times since the 2016 election have you just wanted to turn our political chaos off? For many of us, the answer is, “Very often!” However, our future is challenging us to do more than that—to search for a deeper understanding of the roots of these events and find our call to action.

Author of 14 books, lecturer, and Jungian psychoanalyst Bud Harris was himself shocked at the political events of recent years, and America Now is his answer. He asks how we have come to be living in one of the most perplexing times in American history—perplexing socially, economically, politically, and for many, personally. And his next question is, are we ready to look at ourselves? He reminds us that the classic Jungian approach is to view “our transitional periods, crises, challenges, and problems as opportunities . . . to enlarge who we are in order to live with more hope and satisfaction and discover new defining principles to guide us.”

In this expanded version of The Rage and the Shame , America Now uses memoir, reflection, and literary exposition to track how we have, by means of denial, distraction, and economic exigency, brought ourselves to a crucial place of decision making: can we restore the highest and best ideals of our country?

This book isn’t a rant about politics; rather, Dr. Harris guides us to speaking the truth to ourselves, understanding our frightening current reality, and facing our often denied sea of rage and fear, including

  • looking at our personal and collective shadows to understand how our country has lost its way and to remember our true heritage;
  • recognizing that in this chaotic moment, history is challenging us to face ourselves, take self-responsibility, and act;
  • acknowledging our acquiescence to an economic and healthcare system that diminishes people and denies them the essentials of life that would give them “a chance, through hard work and devotion, to fulfill the promise of their sacred lives”;
  • facing seeming addiction to fear and rage that is stoked by the media, and committing to real solutions;
  • powering-up, rekindling our citizenship, realizing our future is worth fighting for, and reclaiming the heart of our democracy.

Written with passion, wisdom, and love of country, America Now describes these challenges both ruthlessly and compassionately, and invites the emergence of the strengthening “golden shadow” of outrage. He shares with us the lessons we must learn, the questions we must answer, and the courage we must find to reclaim the heart of our democracy and the soul of our nation. To do any less is to betray the futures of our children and grandchildren.

Table of Contents

1. Accepting the Death of My Vision of Society

2. The Creative Power in Facing Ourselves

3. Daring to Become Vulnerable, Aware, and Realistic

4. Isn’t It Time to Quit Being the Meanest Developed Nation?

5. Poor and Hopeless in the Land of Plenty 

6. Daring to Wake up: Purpose-Driven Help Where It Is Needed

7. It Is Time to Stop Treating Each Other Like We Are Enemies

8. Isn’t it Time to Stop Being the Cruelest Developed Nation?

9. 2008: Punched in the Gut by the Folks We Trusted

10. Power Up: Reclaiming the Heart of Our Democracy